Professional Counselling Services


My work is a solution focused, brief treatment approach that encourages positive transformation.

I work with individuals-youth and adults-who have experienced trauma, addictions, family of origin issues, grief and loss, anger, anxiety, low self esteem, depression and suicidal thoughts.


Answers to Life's Questions


I believe that we all have the answers to life’s questions, problems, and challenges within ourselves.

The moment we become “derailed” from that ‘knowing’ is when we experience upheaval emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. I work with people by asking questions and suggesting new and innovative ways of looking at ourselves, our ever changing world and the relationships in our lives.


Reconnecting With the World


I believe that as humans we have an instinctual relationship with nature.

When we do not create the space in our lives to commune with nature, we go off track. For those who feel they need to find ways to ‘reconnect’ with their world, I provide opportunities to learn new ways of doing so. Working and collaborating with animals: horses, domestic animals and wildlife as a means of ‘healing’ ourselves is also offered.