"She is doing well. The session has helped her tremendously and I have recommended you to other people. She has a different phone right now because
she dropped hers so that is why she is not responding.  We have talked about her going back for another session especially after the shooting in Florida." - N.M. - Mother of the child who was present at a school shooting.

After the first session student says “I have been sleeping well and do not have anymore nightmares. I feel rested and strong now.” - B.M. - Student who was present during a school shooting experiencing nightmares and sleepless nights and exhausted all the time.

"Haleh has been instrumental in my healing process and extremely successful in facilitating the changes I have so been craving in my life. Through her Accelerated Resolution Therapy, I have been able to move past some grief and loss that was holding me back from moving forward in my life in a big way. Her loving, patient, non-judgmental presence invited me gently to be brave enough to move through my grief and fear, all the while being a loving, strong, supportive presence in the process. I never felt alone in the process; I felt fully supported. She is extremely calming and confident in her process and that really put me at ease and made me feel courageous enough to move forward and share things with her that I was not able to express previous. After just one session with her, I felt a huge weight lifted from me, a burden vanished, a lightness came back in to my life that I was so desperately craving - and the effects have been long-lasting. I have recommended her to so many that I care about as I know they will be in the best hands with Haleh and her powerful services. Ever grateful to her for what she has been able to help me with." L.S. - Young mother who was 5 months pregnant living with the trauma of a prior miscarriage. She felt that her feelings were getting in the way of “connecting” with the child she is carrying.

“I am not being bullied anymore and I am having fun with my friends. I want to come back for another session to be more confident to sing in front of people.” - K.S. Child who experienced bullying in school and expressed low self image

"Thank you. We are so glad we can rely on your services. As for me, I am not sure what it is exactly but I feel so empowered and protected and no longer look at my situation at work as negative." - K.J. - Individual who was experiencing a toxic work environment that was effecting her performance.